The LAD Curse

Our eyes and ears in Engineering have reported that some people in LAD got fired last week. It seems a certain person from the department was in posession of the Institution’s contract with Purdue which contains certain sums of money in millions of dollars going to Purdue in exchange for very little. 

Among other things, this document contains the plan for scamming the Institutions’s students. Affiliation can be used for marketing purposes only but is not to be mentioned on any diplomas or transcripts. It is now time for students who care about their education to wake up and demand why there have been no exchanges of students between Purdue and the Institution. Faculty can also wonder why exchanges between teachers are not happening either. 

While our reporter was having a last lunch with the fired lady, who disclosed this information by email to all professors at the Institution, she said:

They can fire me. They can never silence me. I will bring them down.

Sadly, she is unaware of the corruption happening on a higher level at the Institution in the marketing and procurement departments. This was covered up with the firing of innocents. She also said:

I have a plan that I will develop when I am out of the country and out of legal reach. There have been many irregularities from the start at your Institution.

It seems that the brave lady was in contact with an American citizen who spent a semester at the Institution and left in very strange circumstances. 

This man had discovered an intricate plot by the exLAD Indian boss who is now still very fiercely against The Silent, present Turkish boss. We wonder why she is still at the Institution. Among other things, this American professor was fired for getting to the bottom of Sabine the Fuhrer’s exit from Kuwait with millions euros unreturned debt to banks. This man also laid his hands on the document that was instrumental in this semester’s firings. 

Before leaving, she also said:

They do not understand that there is a very active group of people against them that is gathering momentum outside and inside the Institution. We are many people and were let down, harassed and fired in an abject manner. Each of us has her own plan for the Institution.

Our contacts in LAD and in the Engineering College now have the document which is processed in our files. AUM News Weekly will be sharing it publicly very soon.


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

2 thoughts on “The LAD Curse”

  1. You need to explain clearly if this is another stupid joke of your group of friends. Haven’t you already caused enough damage? Do you want us all to get fired?


  2. Dear Jokernews (and supporters),
    Well done on a great investigation and this new blog. I do have to add few things to your investigation. I have graduated and worked for several universities in the Middle East all of whom have affiliations with US and western universities. While they may have contracts that state exchange of students and faculty, I assure you this never happens. There are two reasons universities in this region get affiliations: First and foremost for marketing and second to get access to the program of teachings and syllabi of their respected affiliation institutions. You could see it as in part a copyright payment. I assure you will never see American students on exchange program at the American University of Beirut, American University of Dubai, American University of Sharjah, or American University of Cairo; and you will never see faculty from these institutions on exchange teaching in their respected affiliation institutions. So post whatever documents you have, it may shock you but it will not shock anyone else who knows how the affiliation programs work. I think you are maybe confusing affiliation with partnership?

    Good luck to you, soccerdaddy/mummy, American friend, other fired colleagues and this attempt to bringing down the university. I am sure what happened with Wikileaks and the US election inspires you. I do have some bad news for you. You are no Wikileaks and this is not the US election. There is no precedence of a university ever failing because of a leaked document; however bad it can be because no one trusts blogs. A university income comes from students’ fees not from blogs. Now you are clever and have worked from this university. You may not like to hear this but ask yourself: how do students who get free funding make up their minds where to study in Kuwait? I tell you how: TV advertising, YouTube advertising, billboards and word of mouth. For students a blog that talks about Dr. Please_Don’t_Fire_Me_I_Have Kids, Spidermonkey, Lady D, Dr. Muscles, and characters from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz will mean absolutely nothing to them. AUM accepts 3 out of every 10 applications they get. So there is a lot more students then they need. You may think: I will try to get their faculty to leave and you may have some success there. You forget, however, for many who make ten times more income then what they would do at home this option is not in their horizon. They simply do not care and they will stick with this institution come what may. And AUM will always find many new faculty who will come for this opportunity to make much more money then they would get anywhere else.

    Finally, I say to you and your disgruntled fired friends. You had your chance. You hated it. This institution did not meet your expectations. I understand your point. But you need to understand this. There are people who have also had their chance and decided to put up with the crazy working hours and tedious bureaucracy. They believe in this place and they will stick with this place whatever you say because nothing shocks them. Your plans will fail because quite simply, there is not real logic to your plan.


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