The Big Change 

To quote Soccer Mommy, 

the little boys with their little toys

in Engineering have been playing at politics. 

Today the Big Change happened and Bassam the Meek is no longer the Dean of Deans and the Engineer of Engineers with an apparent Engineering degree. At least the new one is a full professor. Remains to be seen how much he has his values in the right place, and how much he is willing to bend his back to ignorant narcissists.

The Big Change brought about other interesting phenomenons. Hefeida suddenly disappeared from the list of favoured minions. The Man Himself started writing emails in almost his own hand. Spiderfatty was seen riding a golf cart around campus when everyone knows this rarely happens. LAD have been gossiping as usual. Glinda disappeared this time for good. In fact, she was seen by our informants in Admin near the gate in the morning, begging to be let in. For the Institution, when you are out you are out  for good. Take this, Glinda and your smartass positive hardworkers who got fired after years and years of loyal service.

The slogan “We are as good as our students” should be “Arrogance is our credo and narcissism makes us believe we are great.”


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

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