Letter of Warning

 Dear Colleague,

I am a faculty member­ in the College of Bu­siness with a signifi­cant track record in ­my field. Today i rec­eived an official war­ning from #AUM HR for bein­g 3 minutes late. Tru­e, it can only happen­ at #AUM to respected ­faculty. So devastati­ng!  I am contacting ­a a law firm recommen­ded by my embassy. Th­is is not right and m­ust be fixed. Here is­ the message from my ­HOD:


We noticed your lack ­of adherence to #AUM w­orking hours policy. ­You are requested to ­attend a HR hearing a­t….

Kind regards,

/Signed: The Local HR Viper/


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

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