The Coalition of the Terminated

From 1984 to 2017 at #AUM, paranoid beaurocrats attempt to deal with dissident intelligentsia. 

After the week’s heavy toll, #AUM staff count is down with 5 faithful employees. Most of them had long-term plans and good intentions. We know them as people who used to spend hours on campus, working late at night, giving their best.

#AUM does not want your best. It wants your nothing. Think nothing. Do nothing. Behave like a nothing. Say nothing.

However, rumor now has it that 13 terminated employees are getting orgnized. It might not be the last that we hear of them.


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

3 thoughts on “The Coalition of the Terminated”

  1. There are about 25 employees total that were let go, people say… all across the university. They are making everyone take more summer holidays and they will cut that from their salaries. People are saying this is to punish them for the fired people. This is nuts!


  2. Paranoid management breeds paranoid employees, that’s what it is. You, people, are all sick and crazy! I can’t believe that there actually are over 4 different blogs about this place… this has officially made history not in Kuwait but in THE WORLD! And whoever is writing this… you, guys, are gods!!! Keep going.


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