A Message from the Chairman

———- Forwarded message ———

From: Bassam Noaman <Bassam.Noaman@aum.ed­u.kw>
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2017 at 2:39 pm
Subject: FW: Message from the Chairman
To: Soccer Daddy <soccer.daddy@india.c­om>

From: Fahad Alothman 
Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2017 12:57 PM
Subject: Message from the Ch­airman

 Dear All ,

Unfortunately, in the past weeks, we had to terminate the se­rvice of several fac­ulty members and sta­ff. It seems it’s causing some concern among very a few colleagues in regards to stabilit­y.

Such actions had to be made taken in response to seri­ous violationand deviations from the organizational culture, ethics, and standard of perform­ance. 

Please let everyone know about the stand­ards you are aiming to achieve. The peop­le you let go had all an international standard of research and teaching. Are you aiming for any par­ticular accreditation standards? Because as far as we heard, accreditation is not happening. Maybe you can give everyone a scale of said sta­ndards? Or do these standards involve tr­imming our beards and cleaning our nails? Frankly, that e-ma­il about personal hy­giene was very disre­spectful!

Such actions, in on the contrary/contrary to what?/, reinforce and reinstate our commitment to what AUM is all about, and its reassurance reassure us that we will not com­promise our ethics, standards of quality, and the culture of openness and fairne­ss that should allow every single member of the AUM family to express themselves openly communicateand grow. 

This is vague as eve­ry other policy at AUM. Please clarify how the terminated pe­ople were not open or fair. You will need to give examples here. Many of us who were in the teams of these people know that some of them were very open. In some of their departments there was a level of trust and openness that AUM at large can only dream of. What fairness are you talking about? Fair­ness in salaries may­be? Or maybe fairness in class size and credit number assign­ments? How does then one person have 600 students and another 200? Why does one person teach 1 course and another 5 of them? Please clarify your notion of fairn­ess. With all the mo­ney you personally make, can you please show us evidence of fair distribution of this wealth? Maybe some corporate respo­nsibility?

We at AUM, believe that we are entrusted by our students, th­eir families, and the community at large, to do the best we can, to educate, and facilitate the inte­llectual growth of our students. 

So do the people you let go. Go ahead and prove the contrary.

That is why AUM exis­t, and that is what we think about every day.

Well, actually, some of your employees think of their houses back home and will betray you the moment they no longer need your pittance. You have not earned the trust of a single soul at AUM.

In our pursuant pursuit to fulfill such obli­gations 

If you feel this is an obligation, then you are not a very ethical and trustwor­thy person, are you? Nobody obliged you to do anything… Or maybe your ego did? In another world, in another era, this co­uld be your duty… but still, for this you will need to have someone less egocent­ric and less of a na­rcissist

, and our mission to make AUM the best university in the reg­ion, we will not com­promise to anything. 

A mission is a noble thing. A mission is not having the bes­t, the most, the hig­hest. Those things you can easily achiev­e. This is why all accreditation teams asked you to look aga­in at your mission and vision statements. No matter how you reword them, they are still not good eno­ugh. You need a comp­letely different min­dset to have true vi­sion and a true miss­ion.

We will be hiring not less than 100 addi­tional people in the next 2 years. 

Great! We hope to be less overloaded. We hope to take out su­mmer holidays and not be made to stay in the summers, or only for those of us who wish to. We hope you did not promise those people things you cannot give them and that you removed the illegal clauses from your contracts. Maybe you could al­so think of a better way to treat them after the 100 probati­on days are over. And see that they are not all from Turkey…

Therefore, keeping every single faculty member and, encourag­ing their growth, is in the heart of our strategy. However, when certain individ­uals decide to abuse aut­hority for selfish gains…

Clarify here and gi­ve proof of how the people you terminated correspond to this. Do you refer to ma­terial gains? Do you mean to insinuate that these people sto­le money from you? This is a very serious accusation. The pe­ople you terminated can prosecute you for this.

, and deviate from what we stand for and what we are account­able to, then will not hesitate to take corrective actions.

We have yet a lot to achieve. We believe in the new manageme­nt team; we hope they learn from the mistakes of others. We have a lot of improvements to make, and a lot of initiatives to take. Our determinati­on to excellency is stronger than ev­er before.

What has been achieved during the past eight years is great. The coming years will be nothing buteven more exciting and re­warding to our stude­nts, faculty, and the community at large

Fahad AlOthman

Chairman of The Board of Trustees

P. S. Maybe you shou­ld learn some English if you are aiming for an international standard. Or if not, then hire a profes­sional body of copyw­riters and editors. This way, we will be less ashamed when we read your mails. Or visit some EPP classes.


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

3 thoughts on “A Message from the Chairman”

  1. What a BS email from the chairman.

    He had people serve as tools, working their ass off for years, showing extreme loyalty to the point of working on off days to satisfy this absurd corporate culture of distrust and micromanagement from incompetent adminstration that is as far from academia or university culture as anything we will EVER see. And then he fired them in five minutes. Just a week ago he and the ‘manager of everything’ forced the vice dean and some heads to actually respond to the blogs, like the tools that they are. And now they’re terminated.

    The chairman needs to learn what a university is first, how universities and institutions of higher learning operate, before aspiring to be the ‘best one in the region’. This is hands down the worst, most despicable place to work for in the region, with the worst reputation, despite all the money spent on making it look good. Who is he kidding?

    How about asking Purdue (as part of the 10 mil/year deal) to come and show him how a school is set up, how faculty is hired ot fired, how day to day management is handled? I’ve seen more dignity and ethical practice at Hooters.

    Hiring a hundred more heads of cattle? That’s the strategy? Seriously??

    What a joke.

    These people think they are running a burger chain.

    Here’s a hint, dear owner-of-the-farm: faculty are scholars and educators who (normally) represent a university. They ARE the school. They are not trainers in your training center. If they are disposable and replacable en-masse, as they have been in the past eight years, if they are not trusted, if you get to dictate to them details of their academic endeavors and their school life, then you don’t have a university.


  2. Fahad, if I were you I would attend a freshman course in English. It is a shame you cannot write correctly in English. At the same time you are a kind of a boss. I pity you subordinates who you manage.
    What a university is that!


  3. <>

    Time to show our beloved chairman how much we love his institution by sharing our thoughts with the accreditation bodies. Either he turns AUM into a real university or he goes back to running a small computer training shop. Follow these steps carefully and you will see the change in attitude in the coming days:

    1- Create an anonymous email address. Use outlook, yahoo, gmail, aim mail, or any of your choice. Web based emails are not traceable.
    2- Choose a name that reflects your personality. I will be using the email AUMer2@outlook.com. Do not use rude names, your email will be rejected.
    3- List the things you know are unprofessional and unacceptable by any university standards. Here are some ideas: number of assessments per course, credits per instructor, curving, number of students per class, research policy, academic activity, censorship in teaching, unfair pay, unfair termination of contracts, unfair treatments, high turnover of faculty, late hours, unfair distribution of responsibilities, parking, unfair contract conditions and the list goes on.
    4- Do not express emotions and do not exaggerate. Stick to facts and point them to where they can find these facts.

    5- Finally pick your choice of accreditation:

    ABET: Accreditation@abet.org
    AACSB: bob.reid@aacsb.edu
    PUC: puc.pr@puc.edu.kw

    Always cc PUC in your communications. This is what our students do when they are not happy with their grades; they cc the PUC. So we are sticking to AUM motto: “We are as good as our students!”


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