A list of the crimes committed by the criminals terminated in the past weeks…

1. Mr F used too much A4 paper under his computer monitor.

2. The Minion had too many monitors. He also had a printer in his office.

3. Glinda the Good used her mobile phone. She took one selfie too much.

4. One of the 5G cha­ps used too much A4 paper to cover the glass wall of his off­ice so as not to be seen by his neighbou­r. Wrong move! You know that AUM is tran­sparent! Come on!

5. Mr W once had lun­ch with his wife at 11:55. Everyone knows that lunch break is from 12 to 2. 

6. Mr H tried to do research.

7. The two reception­ists did not trim th­eir nails properly. In fact, one of them had a manicure. 

8. The assistant lad­y’s hair was too lon­g. Also, he had one skirt nobody liked.

9. Mr S did too much research. One needs to always preserve a good balance betwe­en work and personal life.

10. The Lady Bee sent too many emails.

11. Dean T. used to wear cheap suits. Not good enough for a Dean.

12. His favorite Mr Z was on drugs… sometimes hashish, sometimes LSD…


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

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