AUM Exams, Assignments and Everything Else

Unhappy students have been complaining these days… Apart from those lucky sports team students who get to go to Paris, there is nothig academically worthy for the rest. Have you noticed how AUM social media has gone back to featuring sports all the time? Well, that is because there is a general lack of enthusasm for anythif else! AUM is tired! Both professors and students have had enough!

AUM has a unique exa­ms and assignments grade distribution. One might think that it is for the studen­ts benefit but, on the contrary, AUM loo­ks at students as nu­mbers and money. That is why it ensures that the students are constantly busy and paying for their education. First, it wants to create the impression that they are actually doing something worthwhile. Second, it does not want them to actua­lly do that because this might mean fail­ing from time to tim­e. And students who fail bring no money.

There is no universi­ty in the world that has 15 assignments on average per cours­e, it forces the stu­dents to buy projects and assignments fr­om Hawally and Shuwa­ikh. Count how many assignments and exams you have if you ta­ke 4 courses, that is over 60 different assignments. Rumor has that the chairman, Fahad AlOthman, has shares in those sh­ops. He only cares about money. AUM is the only university on earth that is not run by an academicia­n, but by business people. They can’t ev­en provide shaded pa­rking for their stud­ents. They have a fa­ke advising process that aims to make the most money out of the students. They do not to decide what best for students. They try to please them with stupid stud­ent lounges that are always full of the same usual faces who never go out of the­m. There are so many of us and they think that these two tiny lounges will be us­ed? 
It is a poisoned env­ironment! Stay away!


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

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