Some thoughts from a new correspondent

A new correspondent we will call Dr Flowers writes:

According to the agreement, Purdue only provides advice when asked. That advice does not have to followed. 

The agreement explicitly forbids faculty to claim that their work is in any way affiliated with Purdue.

The agreement makes it clear that there is no benefit to students and that students should not be mislead on this or any other point.

Folks wanting specific answers to such questions can query Purdue directly by writing to Purdue’s Office of Corporate and Global Partnerships. If they do not respond (unlikely), anyone can file a Freedom of Information Act Request regardless of your place of residency or your passport. AUM will, in this case, learn who filed the request, so choose wisely. And they will begin pinging your social media accounts. 

Further, to those looking for jobs and commenting on these posts: whilst you may not like the racism, mysogyny, and general anger are expressed on these blogs, you should take into account that these will be your colleagues if you join AUM. If you look up similar uni’s in Kuwait, you will note that this level of rancor does not exist. 

Further, AUM fired none of the people who they claim to have fired in at least the last two years. They have ended contracts, which is a whole other thing under Kuwaiti law. Had they been fired, they would have had the ability to sue the university. Many have been told that the university has proof of that they have committed grave crimes, the university does not have ‘proof’ of anything. They mean to scare you. If these things were true, they’d have been obliged to call the police. Where these accusations might be true, AUM would be complicit in allowing them to happen and would be themselves investigated.

I do think you should publish the employee contract as well, including lies and illegal bits.

My best to all of you. I need to go write a final.


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

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