Breaking News

After terminating the entire engineering graduation project instructors, Jean the Apostle also known as the Graduation Project Baptist and the 5G Revelation Bearer became the only faithful member of the Spark Plug gossip group. Both men decided to give all students grades ranging from 92 to 96. This includes the D-range students. After all, they deserve it. The poor students shelled out so much money anyway. AUM News Weekly is impatient to hear what kind of grades the final exams will reveal.

Jean, also known as Dr Y.L., did this out of charity. It is a well-known fact that charity is one of the highest virtues. Dr Y.L., apostle and follower, is just trying to create a student-oriented environment. Hopefully his career at AUM will not end in martyrdom. But even if it does, AUM will be finding new faculty to fill his place. Recently-interviewed professors have shared new salary scales with us.

To infom everyone here, a salary of 1200-1500 KWD is not worth your Ph.D. You can get a similar one at any school in the region and you will have more free time and greater academic freedom than at AUM. The strict minimum a new hire should be accepting is 2000 KWD. Anything below that is a mockery. AUM News Weekly knows of faculty currently at AUM earning less than that, and still doing the job of people hired at 2200 KWD and above. The rumor that you cannot negotiate your salary is a myth!

AUM News Weekly will soon be publishing the copies of faculty contracts for you to take a look, as Dr Flowers advised us to. We shall be highlighting for you all the illegal clauses in the contract. If you are brave enough, send us a copy of yours!


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

1 thought on “Breaking News”

  1. I just heard that lab instructors resigned. Seems like the new instructors will be getting less money too. AUM are recruiting instructors / lab facilitators for ridiculous amounts like 500 KWD and 600 KWD. FYI, with a Masters degree, some experience and decent references you can get into ANY school for twice that amount and you will not have to stay there from 8 am to 5 pm. Good luck to AUM finding people though… But, as AUMers say, it is not always about the money! Big time LOL


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