The effects of the terminations are starting to get noticed. Our team has been looking at Glassdoor and new negative evaluations have appeared. AUM should hire someone full time to produce some fake evaluations over there to balance it all out.

The Microsoft Imagine cup took place a few days back. While last year, it was a success for AUM, this year AUK was the winner. If you were wondering why, it is because all those who could make it happen for AUM are no longer there. Welcome the era of AUM’s football greatness. Maybe management should consider transforming the new College of Medical Sciences into the AUM Football Academy. This will certainly reflect student levels better.

Congratulations and good luck!


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations!”

  1. Many AUMers had enough with the dictatorship behaviour of Mohanad and Fahd. I need to update you on what has been happening because clearly, you are no longer at AUM otherwise there is a lot more you would be reporting other than what you see on social media. Those people have lost it here. Forms are flying all over the place, incident reports being distributed like sweets at a wedding, we have more people observing us while we proctor than the number of students we are proctoring, Tareq al Othman was quoted as describing faculty nothing more than ‘salary slaves’ (There is a lot more behind that incident) and Mohanad has mastered the craft of ‘collective punishment’ (many examples there). We are expecting mass resignations this summer. I want you to remain anonymous… just tell me how I can send you the posts. I can post them on my blog I just created, and you can copy/paste them? Or I can post them here (hidden), and you can moderate them choose what you want to post. If you prefer to connect via an encrypted app, such as kik. Anything!!! But please let me know. The other blog is not longer working.


  2. See now, if you want to publish anything, nobody prevents you from creating your own blog and spreading that around. Nobody said you can’t post even here in the comments and if anyone wants to, they will moderate them and approve them. Have anything to post? Go ahead and pos…
    The way you are begging only shows that you want to know who these people are, but can’t find a way to get to them! Well, make an effort. They are most certainly colleagues of yours.
    And if you are disgruntled at how Fahad and Son treat you, and if you thought it was disrespectful, well you have the right to voice your anger, so do it! Why beg some guys here to help you?
    You know what? You sound so much like this guy who calls himself Hey You and a bunch of other stupid nicknames, and who thinks he is a hacker…


    1. I took your suggestion and I started a blog.

      Did you know Riham got fired this week? Did you know Hey You is leaving? Did you know our newly appointed Dean of Engineering Gaouda has changed his affiliation on the Research Gate to Emirates University as he prepares to resign any day now? If you were still here, you would have made these your headlines! Of course, you are forgiven to be distrusting of anyone contacting you…but here is the new blog if you fancy sharing it. – Your face is in one of the photos (covered of course!).


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