AUM Professors Out Now

What reputable university makes it necessary for its students to pay extra for private tutoring? What instructor, if paid enough, will go out and sell exam questions? Students obviously feel that what is given to them in class is not good enough for them. Maybe it is due to rigid institutional policy and rules that make it impossible for instructors to actually teach their students properly during class time. 

Thanks to our informants in the College of Engineering and EPP Engineering who have had access to exam questions, we found out that no less than 5000 AUM students have got themselves subscribed to a mailing list to receive updates on mathematics and English questions given across the university, and that this business has recently expanded. How is the exam writing effort recompensated and why is then there a need for hundreds of versions of the same exam when people like Dr Invisible, the Head of math and the Evil Witch of the West are compromising exam security by spreading questions around for their instructors to make use of as they wish?

Take a look at what an instructor found on his car earlier this week:

Kudos to the underpaid instructors who were brave enough to launch this add! You do deserve to be paid enough and, no, you do not deserve to work evenings to supplement your income when the Institution treats you like slaves! And, no, the university will not do anything to you because it can’t! Just next time, please don’t say you got Ph.D. when you don’t. But we forgive you! We know you are working hard to get yours.

Oh, and one more thing, yes you can work for any other institution in Kuwait no matter what your contract says. That clause is void. And not only that one!


Author: Shenou

I have a job.

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