What we have been up to

Some of you are wondering at the absence of posts recently. At AUM News Weekly we have been investigating a spammer/detective who is currently working at AUM, and who is calling himself Hey You. This individual is using his working hours, as well as his hours off work, to spam the blog, hack our personal accounts and to send menaces to our team, which contain threats against our families and friends. We are keeping all of them in our records of course, as they will be solid evidence of the fear management the Institution engages in. Whether his #Dean #Chadi the Finger put him to it, or he is doing this on his own, it proves that all of us who contribute here are right in doing so.

Meanwhile, we have also been quite busy like most of you with the new #AUM Academic Fair, ex-recycled Academic Activities exhibit. Very good adjustment of the terminology there! Good job! However, without content or substance, it will get us nowhere. And as you have all seen, apart from the huge poster party we had the other day, the rest of the Engineering material consists in ready-made items, or toys students purchased. Even worse, some of these toys were purchased by the university for the students. This is a salutary distribution of resources. The only skills the students will be mastering is how to use a joystick and fly a drone with a remote control. One of our team attended something called “committee debates” and is telling us it consisted in what was mostly memorized text the students were reciting. Good job! Now even debating can be a staged act.

On the bright side, this time we had no filming crews to film fake lessons. According to one of our sources, last Fall’s activities included the filming of footage that contained a fake lesson staged by EPP instructors in the new library. Some of you might have seen parts of this footage in recent commercials publicized by the Institution. It seems that a couple of classes with students were taken to the library, thinking they will have real lessons. They were asked to pretend to read books and the instructors were pretending to give lessons in front of a silent 5-minute movie. Good job, Marketing Department! Great job, EPP!

The AUM News Weekly team has also been busy analyzing some staff contracts that came our way. We will be annotating them and posting them on the blog soon. We have also been busy gathering e-mails from the recently fired people. They are sending our way all of their correspondence with #Riham Ali and the rest of the HR crew. Some of it is absolutely delicious! Some people are also sending us their personal correspondence with the accreditation bodies they wrote to! Patience, Hey You, you will get what you want!

And some of us have been busy writing reports to the new hrconnect@aum.edu.kw mail, open to all of you and kindly, nicely, efficiently and effectively available 24/7 for you to send your grievances. In case any of you wish to join the recently fired, go ahead and drop them an e-mail.


Author: Shenou

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