“Panem et circenses”

“Bread and circuses” – the usual policy of superficial appeasement in Roman times is still alive. At AUM, it can be reworded as “barbecues and operas”.

Here on the left is the original (coriginsommercial) image that #AUM recently used for aum operaits opera announcement and the heavily edited add (on the right) that many of you have already seen. Amazing Photoshop skills!

The reality is that one does not buy music skills as one buys a stock image online. To quote Soccer Daddy, “phoniness is their credo”. When AUM uses real images of its real students playing, then maybe it will become more credible. But until then, it all remains vane, empty marketing.

Of course, AUM will buy operas for its students. But will the students have the patience to actually sit through an opera without eating and drinking Pick Yo and Carribou coffee? And what of AUM’s “cultural sensitivity” concerns? A couple of semesters ago, AUM were unwilling to sponsor any music events. They even fired most of the people who were managing their Phoenix production. What now?


Author: Shenou

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