Some Finances from the Collage of Busniss

According to a document Dean Chadi the Finger circulated among his staff, the college has an estimated budget of 143 858 kd for next year to magically transform the place into a “renowned student-centered learning institution”. Through what exactly? Will this money be spent on phony marketing, given that the objective is to make it “renowned”? Given that this is AUM’s vision, is this money enough to achieve it? But money put aside, how can a school’s vision be to become “renowned”, that is famous, well-known, popular… you name it! But a vision should be something so much greater than filling your pockets with the money the local kids will pay you because you are a well-known brand.

According to the same document, AUM is going to give 420 444 kd to “provide world-class quality business education”. How is that going to happen? Especially the world-class part? By recruiting more faculty from Turkey and Serbia? Or does this involve in any way upping the basic skillset of our students? Some 105 222.60 kd will go to “personal and professional development of students, faculty, and staff”. Apart from the obvious question as to how these figures were calculated to a 0.600 fils, we wonder if we will finally see the faces of some training specialists. Or will this be run exclusively through Tawteen for students, and this only for those with best grades? How come the students with best grades are the only ones deserving of upping their skillsets?

It seems that 16 096.50 kd will be going to create “synergistic engagements with business community and beyond”. Is this enough for such an ambitious goal? “Synergistic”? Doesn’t this involve very solid partnerships that also suppose independence and functioning together as a free-thinking unit of people who are not afraid to share opinions? This will not fit very well with AUM’s habit of fearmongering. And what does exactly the word “beyond” mean? Beyond the business community lies what?

Interestingly, AUM will spend 361 755 kd to “promote a culture of continuous improvement”. Will that money be spent on full-wall posters saying “Smile, Life is good!” and similar idiocies to “promote” the idea that “If you believe, you can.” Or maybe that “the first step to greatness is believing you can”? In other countries, people might tell you that the first step to greatness is actually studying for your final…

In total, then, AUM will be giving the college the miserable sum of 1 047 375 kd. It will be good to know who will be responsible to allocate those sums. It would also be great to know how they were spent. For example. How was the total budget for the same things in 2017/18 spent? What kind of money went for what? Sadly, AUM is not as transparent as it pretends to be.


Author: Shenou

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