New Rebel

This comment we recently got is worth being featured in a post. So, here it goes:

I took your suggestion and I started a blog.
Did you know Riham got fired this week? Did you know Hey You is leaving? Did you know our newly appointed Dean of Engineering Gaouda has changed his affiliation on the Research Gate to Emirates University as he prepares to resign any day now? If you were still here, you would have made these your headlines! Of course, you are forgiven to be distrusting of anyone contacting you…but here is the new blog if you fancy sharing it. – Your face is in one of the photos (covered of course!).
Commendable effort! Riham was a goner the moment the fired people started copying Mohaned in their correspondence. Your day always comes at AUM, whether you are beloved or not, one day you become useless or dangerous and you get terminated. This is how the place works. Riham enjoyed bullying people. She deserves what she got.

Author: Shenou

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