A Lady’s Curriculum Vitae

In our series “Guess Whose CV It Is”, we are posting the below account of the life of a highly popular lady we recently featured in pictures. Heading the notorious “Bitches Circle”, she possesses unsurpassed talents that will be revealed to you below in the writing of Dr Invisible who has nothing better to do but send us his fantasies of his manager. Read below:

General Profile
I am a spoiled brat. Got divorced after popping out 4 kids. I am very good at sleeping around to go up the ladder. Finally, I got a stable affair that goes along with a stable job. I like to treat people like shit and get away with it. I feel sad and angry when they say I did not fuck them up properly. In such cases, I contribute to anti-AUM blogs.

Finished high school. Then enrolled for a Bachelor degree, where I was hoping to meet a lot of bachelors but did not. Got some diploma after many challenging years, but it required sleeping with most professors. Other than that, I am physically qualified for anything, really (see section Services).

A+ – BI – CIM – Cpls – DUO – OWO – FK – GFE – Massage – Party Girl – PVC/Latex – Sub or Dom, yani I can do both depending who you are – Water sports – StripT maybe, depends on your paycheck

Previous Experience
High End Escorts in the Middle East. I had very fancy trips and important clients. I enjoy Dubai very much. I helped build AUM by sleeping around with an endless number of people.

Current Experience
I fire everyone who sleeps with me and doesn’t call me back. Yani, I am very bitchy like that. And I looove it.
I am working very hard on spicing things up with The Man Himself. We try different things those days, like experimenting with employees, yani, we like it.
I reject everything to look smart and important. Sometimes I wear leopard prints for the same purpose.
I write fancy posts on anti-AUM blogs and use the fancy title “The Rising Phoenix”.
I surround myself with fellow escorts and bitches from Campus XLife and Media Team.
Used the rat-faced HR biatch to be our slave. Yani, we like it. She washed our cars and held towels very well.

Future Plans
A.   Striving to keep the affairs going with The Man Himself. He started looking around for others because my parts are sagging. I need to get them redone. Ordered boxes of pills recently through our XProcurement Department. Blamed and terminated some faculty for stealing from us. In fact, we used the money to buy more toys.
B.   If Plan A doesn’t work, I am planning to find another rich guy for the same purposes. A woman has to do what a woman has to do.


Author: Shenou

I have a job.