Phobia-stricken AUMer ready to do anything

28-year-old multiple probation AUMer Fahad told our correspondent he is ready to do anything.

Fahad developed classroom phobia in his freshman year after attending the class of a dramatically terminated professor whose mid-semester departure left Fahad in a state of utter helplessness as newly-recruited TA from Georgia refused to give him an A.
“Since then, I have been going from office to office. I have also been praying for an A. I am an A student, but everyone refuses to give it to me. I enrolled here because the advertisement said if you believe it, then you will make it happen. So I am trying very hard to make it happen every semester.”

Fahad has already been at AUM for 5 years and is still trying to graduate. His classroom phobia has been worsening as new Ph.D. recruits took over his major.
“Student Affairs told me my disability will be taken into account. They gave one of the doctors the permission to give me a make-up in his office. They also asked another to give me a curve. But they still put me on probation for the 5th time and I have to pay from my pocket.”

Along with his friend Omar, Fahad had to take Introduction to Math no less than 4 times. The first time, they failed it because, according to their statement, “the doctor was told to not have too many As in the section.” In order to balance out the way the grades look, he had to have a couple of Fs, so he selected two of what he thought were his worst students, based on attendance. As Omar and Fahad had accumulated a high amount of late and absent marks due to Fahad’s classroom phobia, the cruel professor failed them on one of the 18 midterms. This was enough to tip the balance in their disfavor.

As Omar and Fahad head towards the local Indian sweatshop to pay for the academic activity deliverable they ordered, Fahad promises our correspondent: “I promise you one thing. I will graduate no matter what! I will have that graduation dinner with my whole family. I am ready to do anything for it. I said to the doctor this semester… Anything, doctor. You name it and I will do it. But give me an A.”


Author: Shenou

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