In Support of ACMAUM Review Folks

AUM News Weekly has heard of the reports filed against ACMAUM Review and the other blogs. We would like to express our support of all contributors and all those who maintain these blogs. They are courageous and brave. They have our full support. We are not at war with one another as a commentator said in a comment that we have moderated. We are not allies either – we operate independently.

We have received an anonymous threat accusing us for working for another institution in Kuwait, namely one of the other private universities which we will not cite. This is not true. What we do here at AUM News Weekly is very simple – we publish every single item that is sent to us. We do not request from our contributors to reveal their identity and if they ask us to hide some of the information about them, we do that.

Dear ACM/AUM Top Management,

Here is why you cannot do anything against our blogs:

  1. We are exercising our right to free speech which is guaranteed even in Kuwait.
  2. What is published on all the blogs is one of the three following things:
  • Parody or satire. Humour is allowed even in Kuwait. The fact that you are taking it seriously only speaks for itself.
  • Criticism for the sake of improvement. When you do not listen to constructive feedback, it is bound to get out of hand. When your employees are afraid to talk to their superiors, they come to us! When you mistreat your people, disrespect them, threaten them and suppress their freedoms, they have the right to protest.
  • The simple truth! Go ahead and prove that what is written in the documents we have published is not reality. Many of our correspondents at AUM have sent us mails that we have not published yet. They also are true, whether you have deleted them from your servers or not. To prove any statement about grade changes, one only need look at any CD of any course folder.

Everyone out there has the right to hear the two sides of the story. Your HR personnel tends to hide some parts of the truth to potential employees and it is our duty to inform them of what awaits.

Your HR personnel and even yourselves accused the terminated people of grave mistakes. The mail sent by The Man Himself to the entire university was full of lies. That is why we published it. You have mistreated, threatened and accused many people wrongfully, and in so doing have provoked their anger. Now, you must reap the consequences of what follows.

Go,! We are proud that you started your own blog and we have added a link to it on ours.


Author: Shenou

I have a job.