An Ex-Dean’s Lies about Purdue

“All our syllabi and currucula come from Purdue. That is why it takes so long for anything to get approved. It is because when you submit your documents, they all go to Purdue for approval.”

This is what AUM faculty are told every semester when they ask why it takes so long for someone to approve their syllabus. Many of the newly terminated people are witnesses how teaching for the semester began without a ready syllabus. This has continued for the past year. Faculty do not know if their assessments and material are approved. They show up in the classrooms with nothing to give to students but a few general words on classroom discipline and what the course is broadly about. All of them are told that Purdue is responsible for these delays. In this way, AUM undermines the image of Purdue internationally.

The Meek, ex-Dean of Engineering, used to tell us how “Purdue decides everything and AUM can only propose changes and then wait for approval.” And when confronted privately by our informant about this lie, he claimed “It is Fahad Al Othman who made me lie to you. I was only doing my job and could not say no.”

It seems that Fahad Al Othman called The Meek to his office right after he let the Hookah Master go. The Meek heard The Man Himself and the Lady D shout at the Hookah Master “you ruined this university”. Now, after we have all heard of the recent terminations and resignations, we would like to ask again. Who exactly is ruining the university? Is it not its own management?


Author: Shenou

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