Teaching Excellence at AUM? You wish!

'I understand that Mrs. Doan is retiring at the end of the semester.'
The excellence and quality of teaching at AUM next year and forever until the day it becomes a mall.

After AUM fired 3 awarded faculty (for excellence) this year, all from the Liberal Arts Department, and 2 more with excellent international qualifications from the same department, we wonder how many it will recruit, from where and with what qualification.

AUM also terminated or received the resignations of nearly 50 people this year. You can refer to ACMAUM Review for details here. The turnover rate is phenomenal! One thing at least in which AUM are leaders – keeping faculty scared, overworking them, disrespecting them and terminating them for no reason, while continuing to overwork the rest.

Above is what teaching quality at AUM will be like for next year and forever and ever until the place becomes a mall. Do yourself a favour, do not even consider accepting a contract at AUM!

Meanwhile, non-fired faculty will be having great fun with fully paid for ready-made projects. They will have to decide whether to pass those students or to fail them and then face the wrath of Student Affairs and their “but we cannot prove it, so give them an A” replies. Take a look:



Author: Shenou

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