AUM Students Being Honoured…

IMG-20170616-WA0003Above is a picture taken in 2016. AUM students’ full names along with their GPA were displayed like this for everyone to see. A good way of celebrating success you think? Not exactly. There are at least two levels on which this was wrong:

  1. Students were embarrassed to see their full names along with their GPA stuck on the wall for everyone to see. Many were complaining to their instructors that this was a breach of privacy. Yes, the same privacy that AUM so much likes to brag about when it forbids faculty to publish research that involves students from AUM. Explain to us please why we cannot do anonymous, confidential scientific research with the students while you publish their names along with their GPA for absolutely everyone to see?
  2. The GPA of female students was displayed publicly and on this picture you are actually seeing two male students gloating at the names of female students, joking around with the GPA they have obtained. Many of the female students were livid! Can we ask if this was an attempt at match-making?

Students, this is one of the many examples of how little you count for AUM. They only SAY to you how student-centred they are. They are not. You are business for them and they will use your pictures, your work and anything you bring to this place to advance their own agendas. How many of you have been forced to appear on camera? How many of you were asked before footage was shot if this footage can actually be used? For how much did you sell your faces? Was it for 3% on top of a grade you got? Will you be happy one day that your face was, and might still be, out there for everyone to see? How many of you have had Student Affairs shout at them that they do not deserve the grades they got while they were trying to persuade you to agree to appear on a poster?

You can always say no. You can always tell AUM staff that you will call your lawyers!


Author: Shenou

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