AUM Getting Stingy

ACM AUM Review reported today that AUM are refusing to pay newly-terminated faculty. AUM are trying to scare you when they terminate you. If they know that they cannot, they try to cajole you, promising you that all will go well and you can get back to them whenever you want to leave. In both cases, they will try to not give you the money they owe you.

What AUM owes to any employee it terminates is the following:

  1. all of your indemnity money in full
  2. all of your overtime
  3. three months salary in case they want you to be out immediately. If not, they can make you stay work for 3 months but they rarely do.
  4. all of your summer leave money that you have accrued.

In all cases, SIGN NOTHING before contacting a lawyer. Agree to nothing before contacting a lawyer. Avoid getting influenced or believing anything AUM HR personnel tell you. Seek your rights, always! If you are in doubt, you can comment on any of the blogs and we will answer you. You can also write to: the name is self-explanatory… he hates AUM with a passion… maintains the Arabic version of this blog and has a lot of inside information as he is at AUM has been following AUM for years now and is an active contributor to all the blogs

You can also contact any ex employee, either on LinkedIn or get in touch with your ex-colleagues. You are bound to know someone who got fired before you. Get their advice and reach out! There is a support network out there!


Author: Shenou

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