Commenting on our blog posts – How to

If you would like to comment on a post, please go ahead and do so. The comments are moderated to filter AUM spamming us. AUM have paid a couple of incapable IT “specialists” from India to “hack” the blogs. Among their chief occupation is the posting of spam. That is why our comments sections are closed. You can still comment and we will approve the comments as they come.

If you wish to post a longer piece of work, post it as a comment under any post and indicate that you would like it to become a regular post.

If you wish to give us information, you can post it under any post and indicate that you wish to remain private. We will post the information from an anonymous source in a post that will be compiled with information from other people, so that you can remain anonymous.

We want to keep the privacy of people as much as possible. We want truth, so please no lies or misinformation. We do like funny posts, jokes and clever come-backs, so humour and ridicule is OK!


Author: Shenou

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