List of Accusations by Rumors

AUM News Weekly received some updates via our correspondents whose e-mail addresses we published in previous posts. We are posting one of them below. We have some more of these posts on the go. Be sure to check our blog later on. We are aware that ACMAUMReview has gone private. Do not be afraid to follow their blog privately. They have NOT been hacked. They cannot see your IP addresses and cannot track you if you follow them. These are all rumors. WordPress is one of the safest blog spaces out there and it harbours many activists and people who believe in spreading the truth.

Congrats to the newly terminated ex-AUMers! Fight for your indemnities and good luck in your real life! Bear in mind that you will now hear all sorts of lies about yourselves. Do not pay any attention to that! It is a well-known fact that after AUM terminates faculty, AUM management launch rumors about the terminated people. Here is a list of some accusations that AUM has spread about ex-colleagues of yours!

  1. Writing blogs: AUM terminated many people and accused them of blog writing. They had no proof of that and did it solely based on conjecture. Someone shared with us that AUM claimed to be leading an investigation against them. This cannot happen in Kuwait. AUM cannot investigate anyone and cannot take on its own the role of police. AUM proceeded to announce that it has filed lawsuits against some terminated faculty. This also is a lie. (Note by AUM NEWS Weekly: Some of the rumors say the first to be terminated last academic year were the owners of this and other blogs. This is not true. We have always operated independently of AUM. We only have insiders there.)
  2. Stealing money: It is impossible to steal money through requisition forms when you are faculty. In fact, it is Procurement who usually steal money by arranging themselves with the provider companies who ask higher prices and then divide the gains with insiders from Procurement. Some of the terminated faculty has discovered this scheme and informed management.
  3. Putting their name on someone else’s publication or publishing unethically: while this is true for the Hookah Master, it is not universally true for the other people accused of it.
  4. Trying to promote friends: in the case of HODs, you should know that they have no power to promote anyone. HODs can only recommend, and even in those cases, it is not certain that their wishes are taken into account.
  5. Close contacts with students: By university rule, faculty cannot add students on social media or take their phone numbers. They can only contact them via Moodle or Student Affairs. SA are slow and incompetent. There have been cases of competitions and other events when faculty had no way of contacting students. This has resulted in students not showing up to events, etc. Due to malfunctioning university rules, AUM often blames faculty when students do not show up for events, while faculty cannot do anything about it. In some cases, AUM have gone nuts and accused faculty of visiting students’ homes.

You should not believe any of the rumors you hear. Many of them are spread by AUM management themselves. There are cases where deans spread rumors through faculty, knowing that it will get around quickly. They call someone in, ask them a few questions and have a “friendly” chat. Then, they plant the rumor.

Later on next week we will reveal how AUM tracks ex faculty and present faculty online and how they follow you with fake profiles on LinkedIn. Be sure to check our blog daily.


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