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AUM Getting Stingy

ACM AUM Review reported today that AUM are refusing to pay newly-terminated faculty. AUM are trying to scare you when they terminate you. If they know that they cannot, they try to cajole you, promising you that all will go well and you can get back to them whenever you want to leave. In both cases, they will try to not give you the money they owe you.

What AUM owes to any employee it terminates is the following:

  1. all of your indemnity money in full
  2. all of your overtime
  3. three months salary in case they want you to be out immediately. If not, they can make you stay work for 3 months but they rarely do.
  4. all of your summer leave money that you have accrued.

In all cases, SIGN NOTHING before contacting a lawyer. Agree to nothing before contacting a lawyer. Avoid getting influenced or believing anything AUM HR personnel tell you. Seek your rights, always! If you are in doubt, you can comment on any of the blogs and we will answer you. You can also write to: the name is self-explanatory… he hates AUM with a passion… maintains the Arabic version of this blog and has a lot of inside information as he is at AUM has been following AUM for years now and is an active contributor to all the blogs

You can also contact any ex employee, either on LinkedIn or get in touch with your ex-colleagues. You are bound to know someone who got fired before you. Get their advice and reach out! There is a support network out there!

Some Finances from the Collage of Busniss

According to a document Dean Chadi the Finger circulated among his staff, the college has an estimated budget of 143 858 kd for next year to magically transform the place into a “renowned student-centered learning institution”. Through what exactly? Will this money be spent on phony marketing, given that the objective is to make it “renowned”? Given that this is AUM’s vision, is this money enough to achieve it? But money put aside, how can a school’s vision be to become “renowned”, that is famous, well-known, popular… you name it! But a vision should be something so much greater than filling your pockets with the money the local kids will pay you because you are a well-known brand.

According to the same document, AUM is going to give 420 444 kd to “provide world-class quality business education”. How is that going to happen? Especially the world-class part? By recruiting more faculty from Turkey and Serbia? Or does this involve in any way upping the basic skillset of our students? Some 105 222.60 kd will go to “personal and professional development of students, faculty, and staff”. Apart from the obvious question as to how these figures were calculated to a 0.600 fils, we wonder if we will finally see the faces of some training specialists. Or will this be run exclusively through Tawteen for students, and this only for those with best grades? How come the students with best grades are the only ones deserving of upping their skillsets?

It seems that 16 096.50 kd will be going to create “synergistic engagements with business community and beyond”. Is this enough for such an ambitious goal? “Synergistic”? Doesn’t this involve very solid partnerships that also suppose independence and functioning together as a free-thinking unit of people who are not afraid to share opinions? This will not fit very well with AUM’s habit of fearmongering. And what does exactly the word “beyond” mean? Beyond the business community lies what?

Interestingly, AUM will spend 361 755 kd to “promote a culture of continuous improvement”. Will that money be spent on full-wall posters saying “Smile, Life is good!” and similar idiocies to “promote” the idea that “If you believe, you can.” Or maybe that “the first step to greatness is believing you can”? In other countries, people might tell you that the first step to greatness is actually studying for your final…

In total, then, AUM will be giving the college the miserable sum of 1 047 375 kd. It will be good to know who will be responsible to allocate those sums. It would also be great to know how they were spent. For example. How was the total budget for the same things in 2017/18 spent? What kind of money went for what? Sadly, AUM is not as transparent as it pretends to be.

From Nanotech to Opera House

We have all now seen the AUM Opera stock-image adds with fake musicians on them, as well as the concert video advertising AUM Opera (sounds like a new browser… maybe an idea for a graduation project? This way AUM can also control our Google traffic and monitor what we search for online). Great music, though likewise1920x671-Opera-english neither recorded, nor shot at AUM, but simply purchased online for the sake of a phony marketing campaign. Good thing now AUM marketing team were asked to add “house” to the announcement, so it reads “AUM Opera House”. Great! Now we get it, you illiterate people, you! You will have an empty opera house. Here is to Their Excellencies the local music stars coming to stage shows at your place, and you collecting ticket fees so that peasants from that part of Kuwait don’t have to go all the way up to Kuwait City to listen to some amateurs play out of tune. You will need to pick your clan AUM, as the Kuwait music scene is one big chessboard. Maybe SIK Productions could come show you how it is done… Or the Polish music school mafia?

And while we are at it, does anyone remember the AUM Nanotechnology Center? Yep, that is right. The image they used for that add was a stock one too – you can Google it. Phony image for a phony nanotech center. Did it happen? Do we have a nanotech center at AUM? It did not happen and we do not have it. Why? Because for a real nanotech center you need money, staff, interested managemeimagesGF94FH65nt and an academically strong environment.

Currently at AUM, we are struggling to even get a lab. We have been asking for mechanical engineering labs for over two years now and it is always in the pipelines. Always not approved. Because the Lady D at the top does not exactly care for genuine learning, or academic excellence.

In fact, things are exactly as Forbes Middle East put them ( AUM management are business people. They do not care for education, or else the article would have said “From Banker to a Leader in Education Management”. At this point though, it is more “From Banker to Refugee, to Mythomaniac”. And better still, “From Banker, to Mythomaniac, to Megalomaniac”.

AUM has the money, you might think. It does indeed. At AUM News Weekly we laid our hands on some financial documents. Yes, you read that right! We are analyzing them and will be posting some numbers for you very soon. Hey You was trying to tell us in one of his comments that we have nothing and that he dares us publish an AUM contract, and the Agreement. Well, now they are out, Hey You. So, watch out for the next documents that will become public and tremble for your job because some of them came to us through you, albeit indirectly.

An AUM Contract

For the benefit of everyone, both current and future employees at AUM, here is a copy of a contract that came our way. The employee who sent it to us is still at AUM, that is why some of the information on the contract has been deleted for the safety of this person. We have annotated the contract with some comments.

“Panem et circenses”

“Bread and circuses” – the usual policy of superficial appeasement in Roman times is still alive. At AUM, it can be reworded as “barbecues and operas”.

Here on the left is the original (coriginsommercial) image that #AUM recently used for aum operaits opera announcement and the heavily edited add (on the right) that many of you have already seen. Amazing Photoshop skills!

The reality is that one does not buy music skills as one buys a stock image online. To quote Soccer Daddy, “phoniness is their credo”. When AUM uses real images of its real students playing, then maybe it will become more credible. But until then, it all remains vane, empty marketing.

Of course, AUM will buy operas for its students. But will the students have the patience to actually sit through an opera without eating and drinking Pick Yo and Carribou coffee? And what of AUM’s “cultural sensitivity” concerns? A couple of semesters ago, AUM were unwilling to sponsor any music events. They even fired most of the people who were managing their Phoenix production. What now?

What we have been up to

Some of you are wondering at the absence of posts recently. At AUM News Weekly we have been investigating a spammer/detective who is currently working at AUM, and who is calling himself Hey You. This individual is using his working hours, as well as his hours off work, to spam the blog, hack our personal accounts and to send menaces to our team, which contain threats against our families and friends. We are keeping all of them in our records of course, as they will be solid evidence of the fear management the Institution engages in. Whether his #Dean #Chadi the Finger put him to it, or he is doing this on his own, it proves that all of us who contribute here are right in doing so.

Meanwhile, we have also been quite busy like most of you with the new #AUM Academic Fair, ex-recycled Academic Activities exhibit. Very good adjustment of the terminology there! Good job! However, without content or substance, it will get us nowhere. And as you have all seen, apart from the huge poster party we had the other day, the rest of the Engineering material consists in ready-made items, or toys students purchased. Even worse, some of these toys were purchased by the university for the students. This is a salutary distribution of resources. The only skills the students will be mastering is how to use a joystick and fly a drone with a remote control. One of our team attended something called “committee debates” and is telling us it consisted in what was mostly memorized text the students were reciting. Good job! Now even debating can be a staged act.

On the bright side, this time we had no filming crews to film fake lessons. According to one of our sources, last Fall’s activities included the filming of footage that contained a fake lesson staged by EPP instructors in the new library. Some of you might have seen parts of this footage in recent commercials publicized by the Institution. It seems that a couple of classes with students were taken to the library, thinking they will have real lessons. They were asked to pretend to read books and the instructors were pretending to give lessons in front of a silent 5-minute movie. Good job, Marketing Department! Great job, EPP!

The AUM News Weekly team has also been busy analyzing some staff contracts that came our way. We will be annotating them and posting them on the blog soon. We have also been busy gathering e-mails from the recently fired people. They are sending our way all of their correspondence with #Riham Ali and the rest of the HR crew. Some of it is absolutely delicious! Some people are also sending us their personal correspondence with the accreditation bodies they wrote to! Patience, Hey You, you will get what you want!

And some of us have been busy writing reports to the new mail, open to all of you and kindly, nicely, efficiently and effectively available 24/7 for you to send your grievances. In case any of you wish to join the recently fired, go ahead and drop them an e-mail.