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Living in a fish bowl 24/7 is the newest fad at AUM

Our reporters spoke to a few AUMers who were leaving for the holidays. They have reported that the newest fad at AUM is spending all of your day in your fishbowl office.

“It all started with my neighbour who had an informal contest with one of the new guys. They bet 150 KD on how long they can spend in their glass offices without coming out,” one veteran says. “I have been here for 105 days now, 5 days past probation, and I consider myself a real veteran. But I have not seen anything like it. By the next day, one of them had already had breakfast, lunch and dinner in his office, and the other had managed to find a way of napping without getting noticed by the cameras. They gave one another breaks to go and shower in the gym.”

“When AUM put the new glass offices up, we all hated the idea. Imagine the lack of privacy! Because AUM encourages innovative research, I spent several months researching my colleagues’ toilet-going patterns. As my transparent office happened to be in front of the men’s toilet, I had a very good sample of subjects and I could gather big data. We even have the technology now to treat this big data! And now that I have grown to understand them better, through my top-notch research, I am very thankful to actually be sitting in a glass office, rather than a normal one,” another veteran claimed.

“Indeed, transparent offices are proven to increase productivity, efficiently and effectively, as well as kindly,” the winner of the office-sitting contest explained to our reporter. “I have now mastered the art of using all adverbs favoured by AUM management because I can appropriately and professionally see the screen of my neighbour who happens to be in middle management.”

Recent rumors claim that the Provost has proposed a new award to be distributed to AUM faculty – The Transparent Office Excellence Award. It is to be attributed to faculty who have managed to sit in their transparent office for the longest period of time from one academic year to the next. We believe that this will certainly motivate everyone and boost their morale. This award will come in replacement of the university-level excellence awards as their recipients have, until now, proven highly unreliable and have for this reason been terminated with immediate effect.

List of Accusations by Rumors

AUM News Weekly received some updates via our correspondents whose e-mail addresses we published in previous posts. We are posting one of them below. We have some more of these posts on the go. Be sure to check our blog later on. We are aware that ACMAUMReview has gone private. Do not be afraid to follow their blog privately. They have NOT been hacked. They cannot see your IP addresses and cannot track you if you follow them. These are all rumors. WordPress is one of the safest blog spaces out there and it harbours many activists and people who believe in spreading the truth.

Congrats to the newly terminated ex-AUMers! Fight for your indemnities and good luck in your real life! Bear in mind that you will now hear all sorts of lies about yourselves. Do not pay any attention to that! It is a well-known fact that after AUM terminates faculty, AUM management launch rumors about the terminated people. Here is a list of some accusations that AUM has spread about ex-colleagues of yours!

  1. Writing blogs: AUM terminated many people and accused them of blog writing. They had no proof of that and did it solely based on conjecture. Someone shared with us that AUM claimed to be leading an investigation against them. This cannot happen in Kuwait. AUM cannot investigate anyone and cannot take on its own the role of police. AUM proceeded to announce that it has filed lawsuits against some terminated faculty. This also is a lie. (Note by AUM NEWS Weekly: Some of the rumors say the first to be terminated last academic year were the owners of this and other blogs. This is not true. We have always operated independently of AUM. We only have insiders there.)
  2. Stealing money: It is impossible to steal money through requisition forms when you are faculty. In fact, it is Procurement who usually steal money by arranging themselves with the provider companies who ask higher prices and then divide the gains with insiders from Procurement. Some of the terminated faculty has discovered this scheme and informed management.
  3. Putting their name on someone else’s publication or publishing unethically: while this is true for the Hookah Master, it is not universally true for the other people accused of it.
  4. Trying to promote friends: in the case of HODs, you should know that they have no power to promote anyone. HODs can only recommend, and even in those cases, it is not certain that their wishes are taken into account.
  5. Close contacts with students: By university rule, faculty cannot add students on social media or take their phone numbers. They can only contact them via Moodle or Student Affairs. SA are slow and incompetent. There have been cases of competitions and other events when faculty had no way of contacting students. This has resulted in students not showing up to events, etc. Due to malfunctioning university rules, AUM often blames faculty when students do not show up for events, while faculty cannot do anything about it. In some cases, AUM have gone nuts and accused faculty of visiting students’ homes.

You should not believe any of the rumors you hear. Many of them are spread by AUM management themselves. There are cases where deans spread rumors through faculty, knowing that it will get around quickly. They call someone in, ask them a few questions and have a “friendly” chat. Then, they plant the rumor.

Later on next week we will reveal how AUM tracks ex faculty and present faculty online and how they follow you with fake profiles on LinkedIn. Be sure to check our blog daily.

Who was behind the terminations in LAD?

Now let’s take a minute and think. Who could have wanted all those specific people from the Liberal Arts Department to go? Who was the person who was the most endangered by what they all knew about him/her?

The ex-head of LAD had specific reasons to let these people go. All of them knew how badly she was managing the English language courses. All of them were witnesses of how by her fault there were two courses in English with exactly the same content, exactly the same book, and exactly the same assignments but with a different number of credit hours. All of them were also witnesses of the massive grade curves given to students in these English classes. Some of them even had refused to give those curves! She had an interest in terminating them. They also were involved with the Phoenix show which cost AUM millions because someone from Procurement (probably middle managers along with the Lebanese Chief of Security) was stealing money by having secret agreements with the external providers of services. They all needed someone to blame.

The current head of LAD gave even more massive grade curves. Why is this? Because the students have low English level. Everyone knows that he was the ex-head of EPP and that the program he prepared is his. It is a new program that he created, along with Mohaned who knows nothing about teaching English, and if the students are worse, it follows that either AUM accepts anybody or the program is no longer working. AUM claim that they have strict entry tests and criteria. Then, it is the fault of the preparatory program. How to better cover that than by terminating those who know of this and had proof that something the boss designed is not working? AUM would rather terminate than admit their mistakes.

What about the two coordinators in LAD? Each of them a worse liar than the other. The coordinator of English is reported to have regularly lied about what one of the terminated faculty would say to him. He would report wrongfully to his superiors about that person. AUM News Weekly received a report from someone currently in the Liberal Arts Department who says:

“Both coordinators are scared of their own shadows and will lie about anything to cover up their own mistakes. Dr Xxxxxx made us re-grade over 600 papers and stay over time when he himself went out to have dinner with his family. They never paid us this over time when we were staying the night. We were re-grading the papers of someone who had decided to give all students random grades.” Why was this person not terminated right there and then? Why were all the ethical faculty terminated? Why those who would read pages and pages of essays within those unrealistic 72 hours they get for grading exams? Why not this person who just decided to give any grade that came to mind? Is it maybe because that person is friends with the ex-LAD school headmistress who was only fit for showing people who dared have an opinion the CVs of potential candidates to replace them?

The truth is, after their third or fourth year at AUM, people start knowing too much because they have seen how unethical the place is. These people become uncomfortable for the management and they are terminated one by one if they do not go by themselves. AUM does everything to encourage them to leave by isolating them, stressing them out, pressurizing them and scaring them. Make no mistake in thinking that if there are not enough people at the university, they will keep you because they need you. They will not keep you if they suddenly find out how you believe that what they think they do right is wrong in reality.

Letting people go without reason at AUM means that these people were doing something right. Everyone who remains is either someone who has avoided communicating with anyone or someone who has repeatedly backstabbed everyone else.

Corresponding with AUM HR…

We have received the below emails from someone who is no longer at AUM. They write to us that they have been following out blogs with great attention for a while now and that they want everyone to see the lack of communication between HR and employees. They are publishing this correspondence with the hope to make things better for others in the future.
Here is some background on the story: After AUM terminated with “immediate effect”, they took forever to settle things, leaving the employee uncertain as to what was going to happen. They would not answer phone calls and when they made the phone calls, they would threaten the employee with vague threats about “authorities”, police and not being allowed to leave the country. This caused the employee psychological and emotional stress, and the employee was, as often during the employment with AUM, on medication. AUM News Weekly would like to point out that if anything like that is happening to you, right now working at AUM and having to be on medication, you can seek your rights legally!
If you ask the HR employees why they did this, they will tell you that they were told to do so. Someone on the other blog called this very accurately The AUM Nuremberg Defence. Being told to do so is not an excuse. Your boss may tell you to throw yourself off a roof or to kill someone. Will you do that? We would like to know why is it excusable for AUM to ask of its employees to behave unethically?
——– Original Message ——–
From: xxx xxx <xxx@yahoo.xx>
Date: 4.04.17 20:22 (GMT+02:00)
Subject: my termination and some requests
Dear Rxxxx,

I would like you please to send me a formal e-mail notifying me that I do not have to come to work from now on. If you do not send this to me, I will show up at work every day until the 3 months are over.
Also please, send me information about the following information:
1. the exact amount of the money I will get and in details please – please do remember to count my assignment increment in my total salary (xxxx kwd/month total), my indemnity, untaken leave days, untaken sick leave, etc.
2. the time it will take for you to go through formalities
3. send me a copy of the report that you drafted yesterday during our meeting.
I will appreciate it if you did this asap.
Thank you,

——– Original Message ——–
From: xxx xxx <xxx@yahoo.xx>
Date: 5.04.17 8:58 (GMT+02:00)
Tо: Rxxxx Axx <>
Subject: RE: today at work

Dear Rxxxx,
Please state clearly if I should come to work. According to my lawyer, I should unless you plainly state that I should not. Please write this down formally in an e-mail or otherwise.
Please answer all of my questions in my e-mail message from yesterday. Please answer clearly and point by point.
Thank you,

On Wed, 5/4/17, Rxxxx Axx <> wrote:
Subject: RE: today at work
To: xxx xxx <xxx@yahoo.xx>
Date: Wednesday, 5 April, 2017, 5:51

Dear Dr. xxx,

Kindly be informed that the original termination letter has been sent to your address through registered mail.


Rxxxx Axx

—– Original Message —–
From: xxx xxx <xxx@yahoo.xx>
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2017 8:31 AM
To: Rxxxx Axx <>;
Cxxxx Yxxxxx <>
Subject: today at work

Dear Rxxxx,
Today I have come to work as I stated in my e-mail from yesterday. I am here at Gate C.
I have called you on your mobile phone but you did not pick up. I have also called Mr Suxxxx who cut me off in the middle of our conversation and then no longer picked
I would please like to let you know that I will wait here at Gate C. Please do send me the documents and information I asked you about.
Thank you,

——– Original Message ——–
From: xxx xxx <xxx@yahoo.xx>
Date: 6.04.17 11:51 (GMT+02:00)
Subject: my termination and some requests

Dear Rxxxx,
Despite my polite requests and calls, you still have not replied to my messages. I have requested of you 3 very simple things:
1. please state you do not want me coming to work the next 3 months.
2. please inform me formally what now – money-wise, residency, tickets for home. I need to sort my life out and I need to plan ahead. It is your duty to inform your employee of these things.
3. please send me a copy of the document you signed in my presence on April 3.
I will be sending you another formal letter if this persists. Do keep in mind that your silence also speaks.

APRIL 12th
On Apr 12, 2017, at 11:18 AM, xxx <xxx@yahoo.xx> wrote:

Dear Rxxxx,
Any news about the tickets?


APRIL 13th
——– Original Message ——–
From: xxx xxx <xxx@yahoo.xx>
Date: 13.04.17 16:14 (GMT+02:00)
To: Rxxxx Axx <>
Subject: tickets

Dear Rxxxx,

I do not want to seem pushy, but at this point I would like to have information about the tickets. Are you planning to send me tickets any time soon?
Do I have to start hanging outside AUM gates again for you to actually do something about this? Frankly, I have absolutely no problem with getting a tent and living outside of AUM gates until you and your team decide to send me tickets. I know that I have asked for dates that are later on in May, but still, it will be so much simpler and less expensive for you to just send them to me now. It will probably avoid you some trouble too.
Alternately, I could also start copying people, including the President of the Universe. Do you wish me to do this?
Ignoring my e-mails will sadly not help very much…
Have an amazing week-end!

APRIL 15th
——– Original Message ——–
From: Rxxxx Axx <>
Date: 15.04.17 14:13  (GMT+03:00)
To: xxx <xxx@yahoo.xx>
Subject: Re: tickets

Dear dr Xxx,

Will call you tomorrow with regards to the tickets.


Rxxxx Axx

APRIL 16th
——– Original Message ——–
From: xxx <xxx@yahoo.xx>
Date: 16.04.17 г. 16:42 (GMT+02:00)
To: Rxxxx Axx <>, [Lawyer copied here] <xxx@xxx.xx>
Cc: Cxxxx Yxxxxx <>,

Subject: Re: tickets

Dear Rxxxx,
I am writing again to reflect on our conversation today, and to leave a written trace of it, as it is now 4:40 and I am not sure if you will honor your word.
First of all, you have no right to notify me or warn me about anything. Such discussions were not the announced topic of discussion in your e-mail message (see below). You are supposed to do your job and get me my tickets, rather than threaten me.
Please, if you cannot get me tickets to my current home where I am a permanent resident, then reserve the tickets for whichever airport you like (e.g. [Town – Country here] or whatever arranges you) and I can change that later myself. But please stick to your word – you said on the phone this morning that this will be done today.
Secondly, if you need to notify me of something, please do this formally and leave a written trace of it. It seems that you are leaving a written trail of whatever arranges you and in a way that is skewed.
Thank you,


In Support of ACMAUM Review Folks

AUM News Weekly has heard of the reports filed against ACMAUM Review and the other blogs. We would like to express our support of all contributors and all those who maintain these blogs. They are courageous and brave. They have our full support. We are not at war with one another as a commentator said in a comment that we have moderated. We are not allies either – we operate independently.

We have received an anonymous threat accusing us for working for another institution in Kuwait, namely one of the other private universities which we will not cite. This is not true. What we do here at AUM News Weekly is very simple – we publish every single item that is sent to us. We do not request from our contributors to reveal their identity and if they ask us to hide some of the information about them, we do that.

Dear ACM/AUM Top Management,

Here is why you cannot do anything against our blogs:

  1. We are exercising our right to free speech which is guaranteed even in Kuwait.
  2. What is published on all the blogs is one of the three following things:
  • Parody or satire. Humour is allowed even in Kuwait. The fact that you are taking it seriously only speaks for itself.
  • Criticism for the sake of improvement. When you do not listen to constructive feedback, it is bound to get out of hand. When your employees are afraid to talk to their superiors, they come to us! When you mistreat your people, disrespect them, threaten them and suppress their freedoms, they have the right to protest.
  • The simple truth! Go ahead and prove that what is written in the documents we have published is not reality. Many of our correspondents at AUM have sent us mails that we have not published yet. They also are true, whether you have deleted them from your servers or not. To prove any statement about grade changes, one only need look at any CD of any course folder.

Everyone out there has the right to hear the two sides of the story. Your HR personnel tends to hide some parts of the truth to potential employees and it is our duty to inform them of what awaits.

Your HR personnel and even yourselves accused the terminated people of grave mistakes. The mail sent by The Man Himself to the entire university was full of lies. That is why we published it. You have mistreated, threatened and accused many people wrongfully, and in so doing have provoked their anger. Now, you must reap the consequences of what follows.

Go,! We are proud that you started your own blog and we have added a link to it on ours.

Updates from the New Negativity Group

Now, at AUM, we have three levels of mental breakdowns. These were measured and described by the NNG which has become increasingly active since the appearance of a new blog about the institution.

1) Severe Depression: The most severe cases are reported by The Meek and his close friend Doctor Invisible. Both are taking pills for depression and are not talking to anyone. They have also decided to not contribute to anything. Instead, they are using AUM wi-fi to apply for jobs and are trying to influence colleagues to bring AUM down. They are also two of the new sub-committee, working on ruining ABET accreditation. It has been reported that both have sent e-mails to ABET, describing in great detail how AUM “showcases” best students and puts on a shiny front when they get a visit. The Meek has been able to furnish them with a lot of details from his deanship days.

2) Moderate Depression: Previous business HODs and some of ex-HODs from Engineering, two guys in Math, three guys in SCM, as well as one or two from LAD, along with some ex-AUMers. They are beginning to get organized again and can’t believe that they have not been fired yet despite the warnings, reports and threatening talks in offices with only HR witnesses. A couple of them in LAD and business are working against colleagues to postpone their own firing. Everything they said to their HODs and Dean has been recorded and was leaked by recently fired HR personnel. It seems that a couple of people in LAD wrote very lengthy reports about colleagues. HR are now trying to decide whom to fire first.

3) Bipolar Disorder: This coalition is led by the rest of the LAD people, along with the Engineering TAs (who are active contributors to ACMAUMReview), and some EPP ladies. They all know they will get fired so, on a daily basis, their replies to HOD requests and Spiderfatty are generally in the negative. Their social media posts, on the other hand, are generally in the positive. Hence, their disorder. Some TAs have reported that they have been trying to get themselves fired by starting new blogs, taking example from what happened to Glinda the Good. We can now safely confirm that her two greatest contributions to AUM were the wearing of pink (and other funny colors) and the fashion of getting fired by writing blogs.

The rest of the AUM crowd are keeping it together by taking pills. The local pharmacies in the Egaila malls vicinity can tell you how often they deliver pills for depression to AUM.