Who was behind the terminations in LAD?

Now let’s take a minute and think. Who could have wanted all those specific people from the Liberal Arts Department to go? Who was the person who was the most endangered by what they all knew about him/her?

The ex-head of LAD had specific reasons to let these people go. All of them knew how badly she was managing the English language courses. All of them were witnesses of how by her fault there were two courses in English with exactly the same content, exactly the same book, and exactly the same assignments but with a different number of credit hours. All of them were also witnesses of the massive grade curves given to students in these English classes. Some of them even had refused to give those curves! She had an interest in terminating them. They also were involved with the Phoenix show which cost AUM millions because someone from Procurement (probably middle managers along with the Lebanese Chief of Security) was stealing money by having secret agreements with the external providers of services. They all needed someone to blame.

The current head of LAD gave even more massive grade curves. Why is this? Because the students have low English level. Everyone knows that he was the ex-head of EPP and that the program he prepared is his. It is a new program that he created, along with Mohaned who knows nothing about teaching English, and if the students are worse, it follows that either AUM accepts anybody or the program is no longer working. AUM claim that they have strict entry tests and criteria. Then, it is the fault of the preparatory program. How to better cover that than by terminating those who know of this and had proof that something the boss designed is not working? AUM would rather terminate than admit their mistakes.

What about the two coordinators in LAD? Each of them a worse liar than the other. The coordinator of English is reported to have regularly lied about what one of the terminated faculty would say to him. He would report wrongfully to his superiors about that person. AUM News Weekly received a report from someone currently in the Liberal Arts Department who says:

“Both coordinators are scared of their own shadows and will lie about anything to cover up their own mistakes. Dr Xxxxxx made us re-grade over 600 papers and stay over time when he himself went out to have dinner with his family. They never paid us this over time when we were staying the night. We were re-grading the papers of someone who had decided to give all students random grades.” Why was this person not terminated right there and then? Why were all the ethical faculty terminated? Why those who would read pages and pages of essays within those unrealistic 72 hours they get for grading exams? Why not this person who just decided to give any grade that came to mind? Is it maybe because that person is friends with the ex-LAD school headmistress who was only fit for showing people who dared have an opinion the CVs of potential candidates to replace them?

The truth is, after their third or fourth year at AUM, people start knowing too much because they have seen how unethical the place is. These people become uncomfortable for the management and they are terminated one by one if they do not go by themselves. AUM does everything to encourage them to leave by isolating them, stressing them out, pressurizing them and scaring them. Make no mistake in thinking that if there are not enough people at the university, they will keep you because they need you. They will not keep you if they suddenly find out how you believe that what they think they do right is wrong in reality.

Letting people go without reason at AUM means that these people were doing something right. Everyone who remains is either someone who has avoided communicating with anyone or someone who has repeatedly backstabbed everyone else.


AUM Students Being Honoured…

IMG-20170616-WA0003Above is a picture taken in 2016. AUM students’ full names along with their GPA were displayed like this for everyone to see. A good way of celebrating success you think? Not exactly. There are at least two levels on which this was wrong:

  1. Students were embarrassed to see their full names along with their GPA stuck on the wall for everyone to see. Many were complaining to their instructors that this was a breach of privacy. Yes, the same privacy that AUM so much likes to brag about when it forbids faculty to publish research that involves students from AUM. Explain to us please why we cannot do anonymous, confidential scientific research with the students while you publish their names along with their GPA for absolutely everyone to see?
  2. The GPA of female students was displayed publicly and on this picture you are actually seeing two male students gloating at the names of female students, joking around with the GPA they have obtained. Many of the female students were livid! Can we ask if this was an attempt at match-making?

Students, this is one of the many examples of how little you count for AUM. They only SAY to you how student-centred they are. They are not. You are business for them and they will use your pictures, your work and anything you bring to this place to advance their own agendas. How many of you have been forced to appear on camera? How many of you were asked before footage was shot if this footage can actually be used? For how much did you sell your faces? Was it for 3% on top of a grade you got? Will you be happy one day that your face was, and might still be, out there for everyone to see? How many of you have had Student Affairs shout at them that they do not deserve the grades they got while they were trying to persuade you to agree to appear on a poster?

You can always say no. You can always tell AUM staff that you will call your lawyers!

Phobia-stricken AUMer ready to do anything

28-year-old multiple probation AUMer Fahad told our correspondent he is ready to do anything.

Fahad developed classroom phobia in his freshman year after attending the class of a dramatically terminated professor whose mid-semester departure left Fahad in a state of utter helplessness as newly-recruited TA from Georgia refused to give him an A.
“Since then, I have been going from office to office. I have also been praying for an A. I am an A student, but everyone refuses to give it to me. I enrolled here because the advertisement said if you believe it, then you will make it happen. So I am trying very hard to make it happen every semester.”

Fahad has already been at AUM for 5 years and is still trying to graduate. His classroom phobia has been worsening as new Ph.D. recruits took over his major.
“Student Affairs told me my disability will be taken into account. They gave one of the doctors the permission to give me a make-up in his office. They also asked another to give me a curve. But they still put me on probation for the 5th time and I have to pay from my pocket.”

Along with his friend Omar, Fahad had to take Introduction to Math no less than 4 times. The first time, they failed it because, according to their statement, “the doctor was told to not have too many As in the section.” In order to balance out the way the grades look, he had to have a couple of Fs, so he selected two of what he thought were his worst students, based on attendance. As Omar and Fahad had accumulated a high amount of late and absent marks due to Fahad’s classroom phobia, the cruel professor failed them on one of the 18 midterms. This was enough to tip the balance in their disfavor.

As Omar and Fahad head towards the local Indian sweatshop to pay for the academic activity deliverable they ordered, Fahad promises our correspondent: “I promise you one thing. I will graduate no matter what! I will have that graduation dinner with my whole family. I am ready to do anything for it. I said to the doctor this semester… Anything, doctor. You name it and I will do it. But give me an A.”

Grades Update…

Lo, and behold, AUM has approved the grades! Here is an email conversation between the chain of command regarding grades:

Faculty to Department Chair:

Dear Dr X, Attached are my grades for approval please. Thank you. Kindly,

Department Chair to Faculty:

Thanks. Will look into this.

Department Chair to the Finger:

Here are HRM grades for approval. Kindly, nicely, efficiently and effectively, thanks!

The Finger to Department Chair:

Thanks, will look into it.

The Finger to Spiderfatty:

Here are the grades for approval.

Spiderfatty to the Finger:

Thanks, will look into it.


An hour later…

Spiderfatty to the Finger:

Why so many Ds and Fs, and no As?

Finger (worried) to Spiderfatty:

I will get this sorted out asap!

Spiderfatty to the Finger:


The Finger to Department Chair:

Why so many Ds and Fs, and no As? Can’t you not do your job? Do I have to check everything myself? This is not acceptable.

The Finger is happy (he displayed some power) but still scared of Spiderfatty…

Department Chair to Faculty:

What is wrong with you grades? Do you want to be fired? How long have you been here? You should know better! Why so many Ds and Fs, and no As? You know we try to have a B+ average, don’t you?

Faculty to Department Chair:

Me so sorry, but this is what the students got. You approved all the assignments and exams. Anyhow, let me know how you want the grades to look like and I will fix it.

Department Chair to the Finger:

Look, this is what the faculty said. What shall we do?

The Finger sucking on his finger:



The Finger calls Nasser, the I-do-Everything Man:

What shall we do? Please help!


Send me the grades. I and Khalil, the Magic Account, will fix it.

The Finger to Department Chair:

I will fix it and will call you back to tell you what to do.


By the time the grades reach Spiderfatty again, a massive curve has caused all Fs to become C+ and most Cs and Ds to become Bs. A few A-students are chosen among those who can spell their names and who did not forget to write them on their assignment sheets.