AUM IT = Topmost Security Measures


IT are doing their jobs at AUM. IT security is a simple thing. You don’t need to study for it at all. All you need is a 2-year course in cyber security and ethical hacking, preferably online.

Then you get a job at AUM. You block anything and everything. Yahoo is dangerous. Gmail is dangerous. Outlook is even more dangerous. Everything out there is out to get you. Youtube is the worst of all. You never know what hackers you will find there and what vital information can be disclosed by going to these sites that everybody uses.

AUM is your home and, therefore, it must be protected. Preferably with a password, containing 1238543058674 characters, a hair from a balding man in his 80ies, 1 special character that evokes a dirty memory, and the name of your favorite AUM manager.