Purdue University is in the Big Game

By The Legend 27

AUM News Weekly has just received this very interesting contribution and is now publishing it as such with very few minor edits. Food for thought, dear readers!
This university (AUMNewsWeekly Note: AUM) is getting more and more desperate every single day. They are swallowing students by the thousands and have no employees to back it up. No PhD teachers are even applying. All the applicants are very weak. Fresh graduates who either haven’t researched the place well or they had no other choice. The Purdue affiliation thing is one of the biggest scams in history. Just like Trump University in the United States. The contract has been made public. AUM, everything is out there. Even the students are out there talking about the blogs and laughing about what a joke this university has been all along. All these ads are out there to cover the twisted education system that it has turned into.

And now, since AUM is doing an illegal and unauthorized “investigation” and unethical hiding of their dark secrets, also, auditors got interested in the actions of AUM. They started investigating. And what did they find? Delicious pies. Absolutely delicious pies. You can smell it so easily.

In this link you will find the financial report of Purdue of 2016:


The auditors have seen that the contract between AUM and “Purdue” have a 1 million USD commitment per year. Alright, let’s see where is that money… oh wait… The financial report does not mention any 7 digit numbers. Not under non-operating revenue or any other contract revenue. Where did the money go? If AUM still claims that it has an affiliation with Purdue, it means that the money is still being paid. But even in 2014 and 2015, the money is not there. Why??? Where is the money??? Where did it go??? This is the big question. Could it be that people from inside Purdue management have got in The Big Game? Are they new characters or new Houses that are involved in this war. Well, logically thinking, a university such as Purdue won’t give affiliation that easily. They have to be involved in the research and of course gaining money and a percentage of revenue by AUM. But no, Human Soft is enjoying a 54 Million KWD equivalent to 170 Millions USD in 2016 alone. Imagine if Purdue and the Government of the United States know about this scam that is happening. 10% of that money can finance all the research at Purdue. So, what if someone who was close to AUM, who somehow saw an opportunity, to have a win-win situation with an unknown educational institute that can easily call itself “American” at the Ministry of Commerce of Kuwait because somehow, American Education should be worshiped and people would be easily persuaded. Hey, it’s an opportunity. Who would miss that? They can do small unnoticed actions at Purdue and divide the money between few people who know that they won’t harm the respected Purdue University. But what they don’t know is that they are in the big game now. They can’t leave. They are avoiding all connections now. Because if they were caught, they would be in court in the USA.

The game is much bigger than everyone thinks. There are a lot of things that are hidden. Very very dark secrets. Someone should write reports to all the media in the US, call all the newspapers, all the magazines. They would love a story like that. Purdue itself has to be investigated. The people have to know. AUM needs to be sold or managed by someone else who is a professional academic and a professor. But first the curtains have to go down to reveal more dark secrets.

The Legend 27
Disclaimer: The contents of this post do not intend to harm or harass any person, company, or institution of any kind. This post is intended to spread awareness and rejection of actions that are labeled as illegal in the International Human Rights Act, Kuwait Constitution Rights, and the Labor Law of Kuwait.

From Nanotech to Opera House

We have all now seen the AUM Opera stock-image adds with fake musicians on them, as well as the concert video advertising AUM Opera (sounds like a new browser… maybe an idea for a graduation project? This way AUM can also control our Google traffic and monitor what we search for online). Great music, though likewise1920x671-Opera-english neither recorded, nor shot at AUM, but simply purchased online for the sake of a phony marketing campaign. Good thing now AUM marketing team were asked to add “house” to the announcement, so it reads “AUM Opera House”. Great! Now we get it, you illiterate people, you! You will have an empty opera house. Here is to Their Excellencies the local music stars coming to stage shows at your place, and you collecting ticket fees so that peasants from that part of Kuwait don’t have to go all the way up to Kuwait City to listen to some amateurs play out of tune. You will need to pick your clan AUM, as the Kuwait music scene is one big chessboard. Maybe SIK Productions could come show you how it is done… Or the Polish music school mafia?

And while we are at it, does anyone remember the AUM Nanotechnology Center? Yep, that is right. The image they used for that add was a stock one too – you can Google it. Phony image for a phony nanotech center. Did it happen? Do we have a nanotech center at AUM? It did not happen and we do not have it. Why? Because for a real nanotech center you need money, staff, interested managemeimagesGF94FH65nt and an academically strong environment.

Currently at AUM, we are struggling to even get a lab. We have been asking for mechanical engineering labs for over two years now and it is always in the pipelines. Always not approved. Because the Lady D at the top does not exactly care for genuine learning, or academic excellence.

In fact, things are exactly as Forbes Middle East put them (http://www.forbesmiddleeast.com/en/from-banker-to-refugee-to-multi-million-dollar-businessman/). AUM management are business people. They do not care for education, or else the article would have said “From Banker to a Leader in Education Management”. At this point though, it is more “From Banker to Refugee, to Mythomaniac”. And better still, “From Banker, to Mythomaniac, to Megalomaniac”.

AUM has the money, you might think. It does indeed. At AUM News Weekly we laid our hands on some financial documents. Yes, you read that right! We are analyzing them and will be posting some numbers for you very soon. Hey You was trying to tell us in one of his comments that we have nothing and that he dares us publish an AUM contract, and the Agreement. Well, now they are out, Hey You. So, watch out for the next documents that will become public and tremble for your job because some of them came to us through you, albeit indirectly.