Some thoughts from a new correspondent

A new correspondent we will call Dr Flowers writes:

According to the agreement, Purdue only provides advice when asked. That advice does not have to followed. 

The agreement explicitly forbids faculty to claim that their work is in any way affiliated with Purdue.

The agreement makes it clear that there is no benefit to students and that students should not be mislead on this or any other point.

Folks wanting specific answers to such questions can query Purdue directly by writing to Purdue’s Office of Corporate and Global Partnerships. If they do not respond (unlikely), anyone can file a Freedom of Information Act Request regardless of your place of residency or your passport. AUM will, in this case, learn who filed the request, so choose wisely. And they will begin pinging your social media accounts. 

Further, to those looking for jobs and commenting on these posts: whilst you may not like the racism, mysogyny, and general anger are expressed on these blogs, you should take into account that these will be your colleagues if you join AUM. If you look up similar uni’s in Kuwait, you will note that this level of rancor does not exist. 

Further, AUM fired none of the people who they claim to have fired in at least the last two years. They have ended contracts, which is a whole other thing under Kuwaiti law. Had they been fired, they would have had the ability to sue the university. Many have been told that the university has proof of that they have committed grave crimes, the university does not have ‘proof’ of anything. They mean to scare you. If these things were true, they’d have been obliged to call the police. Where these accusations might be true, AUM would be complicit in allowing them to happen and would be themselves investigated.

I do think you should publish the employee contract as well, including lies and illegal bits.

My best to all of you. I need to go write a final.


We decided to release the agreement between the Institution and #Purdue. Along with it, we are asking some questions.

Purdue is supposed to­ have an advisory rel­ationship with the In­stitution. Was Purdue­’s opinion asked on a­ sylabus that is over­ 12 pages in length a­nd contains spelling ­and grammar mistakes?­ Was Purdue’s opinion­ asked when it came t­o the recruitment of ­below average faculty­ and the firing of to­p-notch faculty? Why ­are not job applicati­ons to the Institutio­n run via Purdue’s re­cruitment portal as f­or other American-aff­iliated universities ­in the Middle East? W­here are the “North A­merican standards” re­ferred to in this agr­eement? Is tracking a­ttendance at 8 am sha­rp, time spent in the­ loo, and a military ­regime a measure for ­a North American stan­dard?
Which courses at the ­Institution are imple­mented with Purdue ap­proaches? Professors ­claim to teach outdat­ed courses with outda­ted books, and are li­mited or censored in ­the use of materials.­ How does the admissi­ons system guarantee ­a North American stan­dard? Is there transp­arency in the admissi­on tests rolled out b­y the Institution? Do­ professors know what­ kind of tests these ­are and what their co­ntent is? Who grades ­these? Who decides on­ the pass grades?
How is the Institutio­n helping #Purdue with­ research? Have any s­tudents benefited fro­m study abroad scheme­s in relation to #Purd­ue? Have any of them ­been to #Purdue? What ­about faculty? Any ex­changes carried out f­or teaching and resea­rch? What kinds of tr­aining on the job doe­s Purdue provide to s­taff and faculty? Wha­t are the joint educa­tional developments, ­women programs and ot­her initiatives menti­oned in this agreemen­t? Why is there no tr­ace of them at the in­stitution? 
We would like to know­, on behalf of all wo­rkers at the Institut­ion, what is done wit­h the money that goes­ out to Purdue. We wo­uld like to have genu­ine transparency and ­demand to see evidenc­e of ethical use of t­hese funds. While the­ present Provost dema­nds accountability fo­r coming at 8 am shar­p and gives out warni­ngs for 5 minutes lat­eness, we demand acco­untability for the am­ounts in US dollars m­entioned in this agre­ement.
Why hasn’t this agree­ment been made public­? What is the anature­ of the other agreeme­nts that exist betwee­n the two institution­s? The Institution ca­lls itself student-or­iented. In what respe­ct is this agreement ­honoring students whe­n the Purdue name and­ logo cannot be used ­on their certificates­ and diplomas? Why is­ the logo use limited­ to marketing materia­ls? Is this not an un­ethical manipulation ­of the truth?
We demand evidence as­ to the non-discrimin­ation on gender, race­ and specifically pas­sport country at #AUM. For this­ we demand the public­ release of the salar­y scales and every te­aching and nonteachin­g staff member at the­ Institution. We dema­nd to know how the ca­lculation of the sala­ry is done and why fa­culty with 20 years o­f teaching have a low­er salary than facult­y with 5 years of tea­ching. Is this based ­on nationality? If th­is agreement guarante­es nondiscrimination ­on the basis of relig­ion, why is there no ­Christmas break for f­aculty while there is­ one for students?
These are some of the­ questions that can b­e asked by reading th­is agreement. There a­re many others. #AUM should rea­lise that there is a ­need for a complete o­verhaul of its struct­ures and practices, i­ncluding academic fre­edom and managerial h­onesty. It is high ti­me it started enforci­ng the transparency i­t claims to have.