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After terminating the entire engineering graduation project instructors, Jean the Apostle also known as the Graduation Project Baptist and the 5G Revelation Bearer became the only faithful member of the Spark Plug gossip group. Both men decided to give all students grades ranging from 92 to 96. This includes the D-range students. After all, they deserve it. The poor students shelled out so much money anyway. AUM News Weekly is impatient to hear what kind of grades the final exams will reveal.

Jean, also known as Dr Y.L., did this out of charity. It is a well-known fact that charity is one of the highest virtues. Dr Y.L., apostle and follower, is just trying to create a student-oriented environment. Hopefully his career at AUM will not end in martyrdom. But even if it does, AUM will be finding new faculty to fill his place. Recently-interviewed professors have shared new salary scales with us.

To infom everyone here, a salary of 1200-1500 KWD is not worth your Ph.D. You can get a similar one at any school in the region and you will have more free time and greater academic freedom than at AUM. The strict minimum a new hire should be accepting is 2000 KWD. Anything below that is a mockery. AUM News Weekly knows of faculty currently at AUM earning less than that, and still doing the job of people hired at 2200 KWD and above. The rumor that you cannot negotiate your salary is a myth!

AUM News Weekly will soon be publishing the copies of faculty contracts for you to take a look, as Dr Flowers advised us to. We shall be highlighting for you all the illegal clauses in the contract. If you are brave enough, send us a copy of yours!


Salary Grid at the American University of the Middle East

 We have gathered some data from AUM staff about their starting salaries. We are publishing it anonymously below as some of them are still at #AUM.

  • Assistant professor with 20 years experience and an Egyptian passport 2200 KWD.
  • Assistant professor with 7 years experience and Eastern European passport 2350 KWD.
  • Assistant  professor with 5 years experience and Western European passport 2200 KWD.
  • Assistant professor with 2 years experience and American passport 2500 KWD.
  • Assistant professor with 5 years experience and Western European passport 3000 KWD.
  • Assistant professor with 20 years experience and African passport 1800 KWD.

Because AUM keep no database or deliver no pay slips, this is almost impossible to track except if you look at contracts. Should we mention how many of the clauses in your contract are actually illegal? 

Obviously, there is no indexation. Every 2 years you might get a salary increment, ranging from 25 to 150 KWD but nobody knows on what basis this is given. There is no clearly announced scale on assignment amounts either. Some heads of department get 100, others 150 on top, and some simple faculty members like Bassam the Great from LAD get 300 and above. (Likewise, some have the right to unpaid leave due to sickness, while others get suspended. Whether you are Indian or not counts big time.)

Things are worse at EPP:

  • Instructor from Eastern Europe (non-Union passport) and 5 years experience 800 KWD.
  • Instructor from the Baltic with 5 years experience 1100 KWD.
  • Instructor from Eastern Europe (Union passport) and 5 years of experience 1200 KWD.
  • Instructor from the Baltic with 10 years of experience 2200 KWD.
  • Instructor from the Middle East with 15 years of experience 2000 KWD.

Some benefits:

150 – 175 for transport (you will spend at least double that on taxis or your own car)

175 – 275 for housing (you know you can’t find anything decent below 350)

Up to 2000 per year per child for school (only Ph.D. please). A good primary school may charge from 2500 upwards per child 

Tickets once yearly for you and family (only Ph.D. please).