AUM Slogans

You will see below a series of slogans that can be found all across AUM. Native speakers, while there still were some left at AUM, offered to proofread these slogans but their offer was declined. The result is comic:

There are a few of these that, if analysed, can tell you a lot about what kind of a place AUM is. Take for example this:

“Decide what you want. Decide what you are willing to exchange for it.” It is very simple. If you want to work for AUM, you must be ready to exchange for it all of your integrity. You will have to leave that in front of the gate before you swipe in to work. You will get some money in exchange but you will be forever changed. You will live in fear. You will auto-censor yourself continually. Decide what you want.

“Establish your priorities and go to work.” This is an amazing example of AUM work ethic. There is no work-life balance at AUM. There only is continual, meaningless slavery. At all levels, AUM is not about a mission or a vision. Both of these are a fa├žade. Your priorities right now if you are still with us at AUM should be to quickly find a new job. Do not wait. Life will not wait for you.