On Terminations

OK, it’s not him… Here he is: click to see picture of Fahad!

Dear Readers,

We would like to introduce you to Fahad Al Othman, signing faculty termination papers. On no, wait! He has an authorized signatory to do the dirty work for him. Someone who liked you and who now has to terminate you with no explanation. Because they were given no explanation why they are terminating you. You did everything right, you think. They have decided the opposite. You were yourself as they told you to be. You thought they liked you. Wrong! AUM does not even respect you. You are worth nothing.

But, dear terminated friends, life starts for you now! You are the lucky ones! Life outside AUM is amazing and you will live it fully and happily! But check out the working time table of the person who just terminated you:

Ramadan work timings: 9 am to 3 pm.
HR deal with resignations and terminations at this time.

Night work timings (during the Ramadan, please): 8 pm to midnight.
HR work on completing the work they have had no time completing during the day. They also work on hiring massively new people from Turkey, Bosnia, Albania, Greece and other economically broke places.

They get no over time. They get no thanks. They are only, like all of you, in danger of getting terminated. And they have no choice! AUM – the proponents of modern slavery and management through fear… Well-done! Who is next?

Someone at the Ministry of Labor, please inspect this! Someone at AUM, please be brave and report your employer!